Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers
SAIB are a Lloyd’s broker. We are an Insurance and Reinsurance broker established in China in 1995. Since then, the company has grown substantially and in 2014 our UK company was formed to better service Chinese enterprises in the UK. The incorporation of our London office has also allowed access to the worldwide Reinsurance market from China plus opening the door from London to access China on a Reinsurance basis plus provision of capacity where required.

In 2016, SAIB(UK)Ltd became the first Chinese Insurance broker to be approved by Lloyd’s of London as an Insurance and Reinsurance broker.

SAIB have specialist local knowledge and presence as such we fully understand the Risk emanating from China and APAC region. We are positioned as a premier broker in the China/APAC business market. This allows us to communicate with Underwriters, other capacity providers and work in partnership in China/APAC and now as a Lloyds Broker, in the UK and worldwide.

Our Company is delighted to be approved by Lloyd’s of London and the Financial Conduct Authority and participating in our aim to partner with our London and International markets.

We look forward to working with you.
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