The Business Promotion was Held by SAIB and SAIB(UK) in Lloyd’s China for Cooperation(2020-08-05)

On July 30, The business promotion for cooperation between Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co.Ltd and Lloyd’s Insurance (China) Co., Ltd. (here in after referred to as “Lloyd’s China”) was held in Shanghai Centre. Ms.Kathy Pu HuiQiong, Chairman of SAIBUK, was present at the meeting.

At the meeting, SAIB briefed Lloyd’s China and seven other Syndicates on its current business status, development strategies and new achievements in the sports sector. Thereafter, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges of views on sports insurance. The convening of the meeting deepened the understanding by each other and created a favorable conditions for further cooperation. Lloyd’s China Beijing Office , Lloyd’s Singapore and Underwriters from Hong Kong also joined the meeting online.

As the first registered Lloyd’s broker in China, SAIB will continue to work hard and make full use of the advantages of Lloyd’s market platform to actively expand the domestic and international insurance market, and contribute to the development of China’s insurance industry.